Why You Should Not Host Your Site With a Local Webhosting Provider (Philippines)

If you are thinking of building your own blog or planning to purchase your own domain and a hosting account, please host it in one of the leading web hosting companies like Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator or Hostmonster (yes, I have an account on all of those).


Trust me, you should not host your site on a local, ie Philippines based or Filipino owned, webhosting company.

philippine webhosting company

It Is Not Cheap.. But It Is Cheap

I’ll explain soon, .. i just want to put this on online ASAP. Currently I have a site down and the provider is doing nothing about it.. either that or they do not know how to solve it. (There you go, I think that’s the whole post right there).


I have to correct myself, they did something about it. It’s just that, it took them days. They apparently have to search the archive of their backup to restore my wordpress database. Compared to the top webhosting company like the ones mentioned above, the support for backup/restoration request took ages. The site is up btw.



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