This Blog Uses WordPress 3.4 – “GREEN”

wordpress.comWordPress just released their latest version – WordPress 3.4. This already super CMS just got even better with new features!

Want to know what those features are? Check it out below!

Live Theme Previews

Yep, you can now preview your themes as if you are using it already! Sure you can preview your theme in the previous version but this one has more power, more flexibility! You can actually change the color and other things online! Live!

Gone are the days of rushing to update your header, background, and the like as soon as you activate a new theme. You can now customize these options before activating a new theme. Note: this feature is available for installed themes only.

Custom Headers

You can also do stuff with headers! Like sizing and resizing them on the fly

You can decide for yourself how tall or wide your custom header image should be. From now on, themes will provide a recommended image size for custom headers rather than a fixed requirement. Note: this feature requires theme support.

You can also use the same header from the media library each and every time you change and preview your theme.

Tired of re-uploading the same custom header image every time you check out a new theme? Now you can choose header images from your media library for easier customization.

What else? Please share other stuff that are more technical. The ‘under the hood’ stuff.. I don’t know those :)

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