How To Do Initial WordPress Blog Setup

I recently purchased my first ‘’ domain and I noticed that I keep on doing the same things, the same initial settings, setup and configuration on my WordPress blogs. I am now sharing those things to you here. If you’re a newbie blogger, this is a good reference for your. If you’re familiar with it, wala lang, FYI and please give me feedback.

The title of this blog post should be ‘how to setup a blog‘. Why? Because it has more local searches in the US compared to my initial title which is ‘My Initial WordPress Setup’, which gets zero searches both locally and globally :).. That’s an extra tip for you guys – always target keywords with searches for your post regardless of competition.

Call this as a “WordPress Installation Checklist” that you can refer to each and every time you put up a new site… at least I do.

WordPress Installation – Skipped

Nope, sorry. There will be no post about how to install WordPress blog here. I assume that you already have one installed or you already read about it somewhere else… If you haven’t, shot me an email (jacaranda9dbux at and I’ll create one quick post about howto install a self-hosted WordPress Blog.

But in a nutshell, the recommended way of doing it is via control panel of you webhosting account. There’s this Fantastico icon where you click and setup the blog.

Of course you must have first bought your domain, setup your DNS/Ip or whatever then do the Fantastic thing. Again, if those are not familiar to you – drop me an email. jacaranda9dbux at

WordPress Dashboard Settings

General Setting

how to setup a blogFirst thing is to setup the Site Title and Tagline (of course after we are done with the Plugins section, this will be overwritten by All In One SEO Plugin).

Important thing here also is to uncheck the “Anyone can register” check box. All other settings can be anything you want. (click Image to enlarge)

Writing Settings

Next is the Writing setting section of the ‘Secting’ section of the Dashboard (say what?)… hope you get that.

how to setup wrting section of wordpress blogIn my case, I always tick the XML-RPC part. What does this do? Well, it allows remote posting or remote publishing. For me kasi, I have this WordPress iPad app that I sometime use when I am stuck in traffic and I want to rant about it. In order for you to publish your post (or even connect to your blog I believe) you have to enable XML-RPC publishing.

Also, most of the times I put several ‘ping’ services in the Update Services part. The list of URLs listed in that will get contacted every time a new post is published. This will make the Search Engines know that you have new content and hopefully index them as soon as they can.

Here a large list of ping services.

Search Engine Friendly URL

Next, we want to make some adjustments to the “Permalinks Structure” of your site. You do this by choosing Permalinks on the left hand menu also. Set your permalinks structure to look like the screenshot we have provided below.

Having this checklist is real cool. This way nothing is forgotten, you always have the links to download the correct plugins and there’s little ambiguity and therefore less room for mistakes.


I’ll list down the list of plugins that I use here soon.. but from the top of my head:

Will update this post later.. hinihiram ni Matt computer :)

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