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SEnuke Review

I sure hope that you already know what SenukeX is and how powerful it is. If you are looking for a review, you can continue reading to check out my concise, straight to the point review of functionality of Senuke – the modules, what it can do and how it can help you improve your rankings.

If you are looking for the official website – CLICK HERE.

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What is Senuke

SEnuke or Senukex is a link building tool, plain and simple. It create backlinks for your automatically by posting articles and links on social networks, forum and web2.0 profiles, Press Releases and article directories. It can also submit all your properties on social bookmarking sites.

Not a big deal huh? But imagine doing that on 60+ social networking sites, 50+ social bookmarking sites, and others. It will take you ages to complete those in one of your site. And what if you have 10 sites? Oh God, I have other things to do that to do those all my life.

This is what Senuke will do for you!

Also, SENuke has this Design Diagram module where you can make your own backlinking template or you can use the templates that comes along with the program. This variation will make your backlinks even more powerful and less detectable by the search engines.

What SE Nuke does is automates a lot of the stuff that would take you ages to do manually.

Senuke Program Interface

While writing this (December 21, 2011), SEnuke just release an update (now at verstion 2.3.1):

senuke review - program interface

This version has the following modules and number of sites:

  • Social Networking module – 76 sites
  • Article Directory module – 37 sites
  • Social Bookmarking module – 52 sites
  • RSS module – 30 sites
  • Press Release – 17 sites
  • Web 2.0 profiles – 37 sites
  • plus 433 Forum sites where you can put your profile links (SMF sites, PHPBB, Expression Engine, Invision Boards, vBulletin and others)

The Best SenukeX Bonus yet!

I believe that SenukeX is the best automated link building software there is and I am wiling to give you a spectacular bonus to go along with it! I am giving you tons of articles ($120+ value) as your Senuke ammunition for your day to day campaigns on building links!

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You will get more value out from your SenukeX subscriptions since from that $147/month you will also get the $40/month account on Article Ranks, $67/month value on and $47/month from!

Let’s talk about the bonuses separately in the next sections:

Fresh Articles Every Month

If you are decided to subscribe to this powerful, automated SEO tool and are looking for the best bonus to get the best value out of your $147 per month subscription of Senuke, look no further. Like I said, I give your $47+$67+$40 bonuses which is more than the amount you pay for senukex!

The fresh articles from two of the best PLR service provides today will be emailed to you (download link) on the first week of each month. You can use these articles for your daily Social Network campaigns or Article submission on the list of article directories.

The important thing to know about the content you are using with Senuke is that it should be spun at least 30% to avoid getting flagged as being a duplicate content. With these number of PLRs and the power of The Best Spinner, you have the best chance for your backlinks to stick.

SenukeX and Blog Networks

The (not so) secret of SEO and ranking on Google is building quality backlinks in different ‘places’ or IP addresses. Yes, you must have IP diversity in your link strategy.

The great thing about SEnuke is that you are already building backlinks to different places in the web – web2.0 sites, forum profiles, web2.0 profiles, Article Directories, Social Networks etc.

Now, the other bonus I am going to give you will perfectly complement what you are already doing with SEnuke and will boost your SERP ranking even more!

You probably know that blog networks is an important part of every internet marketers’ tool. In fact, if you can get your hands on all the best blog network there is, you should. Article Ranks is one of the best network today. And if you will get SenukeX from my link, I will send you a paid $40/month account on AR as long as you remain a user of Senuke!

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