Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 -> 4.0 Review

Welcome to my Niche Profit Classroom review. This time, its NPC 4.0. Yes, Adam Short  and the rest of the guys behind NPC has just released the Phase One of the best  membership site about internet marketing, which is of course Niche Profit Classroom.

So, this is my quick review of the course and I hope that after doing this short video or blog post, that you can decide for yourself if this training or course if for you.

But let me tell you now that if you are a total newbie about internet marketing or affiliate marketing or even Adsense for that matter, I can confidently say that NPC 4.0 is the perfect starting point to get your feet wet in making money online.

What is New with NPC 4.0? My Niche Profit Classroom Review

Before we get into the new features of NPC, let me just give you a brief background of  what is Niche Profit Classroom and how they started their course and membership site. But don’t worry I wont begin on how Adam Short started his internet marketing journey. He can tell you that himself. :)

If my memory servers me right, I first met or heard about Adam Short during a recording webminar of him and John Jonas (Who is John Jonas, that’s another story) but anyway, that’s the first time I heard about it. Adam short was basically promoting NPC. And back then, I think that it’s NPC2.0.

The thing is, I want to compare that version 2.0 with 3.0 and of course with the latest revision of the course (or addition to the course) with version 4.0

Back then (NPC 2.0), Adam was teaching how to find niche markets and finding money words and then creating products to cater that market. What Niche Profit Classroom basically teaches was how to create your own product on those specific niches and sell those in Clickbank (these are ebooks btw). Yeah, like mentioned, Adam teaches niche market research, keyword research and how to setup and build your sales page using his step by step formula.

Basically, the whole process seems easy enough to implement but during those times, I was not really into making my own ebook and selling them. I believe during those times, I was more interested with Adsense and have been earning a couple of dollars a day in adsense. So, what happened was, I just took the tips that Adam gave and shared but I did not join the Program.

Then a couple of monts or a year later, Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 came out. During that time, I think I already am familiar with affiliate marketing and clickbank and Mark Ling and all soft of affiliate mumbo jumbo.. So I think it was one of Mark Ling’s Webminar where I saw NPC3.0 went live.

This time I tried out NPC. There’s this $1 for 14 days trial then (and I think up to know there is still that trial). Yeah, anyway, I went ahead and join NPC and started watching the videos from the “Classroom”.

The difference between NPC2.0 and NPC3.0 is that aside from teaching you how to research and create your salespage and product, there is now a new “course” or section wherein Adam Short teaches his members how to create affiliate websites.

What he teaches basically is to be an affiliate with a certain product first and when the time comes that you already have several of these websites earning money, you can then outsource the product creation and replace the product you are promoting with your own product.

Basically, the idea is the same thing, that is to sell an info product but you will be first testing the waters before you go ahead and create your own prodcut by affialiting to an exisiting one.

NP3.0 also gives you 3 ready made business. Meaning you will be given 3 niche products that you can customize and sell as your own. It’s really up to you.

NPC3.0 has this superb keyword tool that will enable you find “Money words” very easily. You know what, honestly, keyword research was one of the frustrating part for me in learning internet marketing and Adam Short was the only one who explained that topic that I understood.

I tell you, the Keyword Advantage Tool alone is worth it for the cost of the membership.

How did I do with NPC 3.0 you might ask? Well, I only managed to create 1 website from it. It is currently ranking and you know what, this is all because of the teachings that is inside Niche Profit Classroom. NPC taught me how to find money words, create content and promotion (off page SEO). The 21 Day Traffic Blueprint worked like a charm. I followed it to the T.. of course after the 21 days I continue backlinking here and there but the point it, it flat out workds.

What’s that site? Well, go search for Bichon Frise Puppies or Bichon Frise Dogs and hopefully, my NPC website is still there when you search for it.

So, I believe in the course, I know it works and I know that anyone who will follow the teachings inside the course, he will see outcomes and makes money eventually.

Now for the new, fresh features of Niche Profit Classroom.. NPC 4.0.

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