Turned Down an Offer

I just experienced the fastest and quickest job application ever!

Last Friday (January 21) I was invited for an interview in one of the startup company along Ayala Ave.

When I got there, I was given an aptitute test (which I failed miserably.. 40%). But the next 3 sets of UNIX exams i think I aced.

Anyway, on that same day while I was communiting home my head hunter texted me saying that the HR manager will be emailing a job offer to me later that night and i will suppose to meet with them on Monday or Tuesday for the signing.

During the weekend, i have been in discussion with my wife whether I should accept or not… We decided to pass the offer up.

So yesterday, I told them (still went there to tell them face to face and to be professional) that I will still be staying with my current employer. I made up some lame excuse and they gave me until Friday to think the whole thing through.

We’ll see.

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