The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Rich

the millionaire next door

I first heard about Audible from the guys in Adsense Flippers. They gave a tip to save a couple of bucks from Audible. How? When you subscribe to their service and cancel the subscription, they will offer you a cheaper monthly offer.

I think now they post that info in the website itself. It is now obvious and not hidden.

I almost took their $7.90 a month (for 3 months and $15 thereafter) for the book in the above subject.

I thought $7.9 a book each month is not bad.. Then I thought, I can also do that with a physical book. 1 book a month.. doable.

So I checked FullyBooked and order myself my first book of the year.. The Millionaire Next Door. This would be for February of 2013 .. and hopefully I can do one book a month.

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