The Analysis Paralysis Problem – It’s Here

I was afraid of this. I am actually staring at the computer monitor for long minutes without doing anything.

I know I should be adding content, searching and doing backlinking, socializing in social networks and others but with all these things to do, I am not able to do a single thing.

The “analysis paralysis” has come to get me.

If you are in the IM niche you know that Google recently launched a couple of updates in their algorithm.

The latest one and the one with the most (negative) effect is the Web Spam update or popularly known as the Penguin update. Before that there’s the Parked Domain and the latest Panda udpate/refresh but like I said the one that brought in a lot of tears in webmasters is the Penguin update.

Just like everybody else, I got affected too. It feels like and I know I am, starting from the very beginning.

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