“Reviving” 2 More Niche Sites

May 31, 2012 is one of my worst day in my life! My Adsense Account got disabled! Dang!

I asked my bro if I can use his Adsense account on some of my niche sites and he allowed me to use it.. with 10% share :)

Anyway, so from June 1 to present, some of my sites are using Den‘s adsense account.

Before today, it already had 4 sites. Now, I added 2 more sites. I’m glad to say that $2 a day is a good start.

I just added one of my oldest domain about UNIX and System Administration blog. I also included my Carpet niche site (which is currently not ranking anywhere and I am not sure if it has even $0.01 of an earning)

Let’s see what’s going to happen next.

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