Marikoy of ‘Ako’

I met a new blogger that goes by the name Marikoy.

I approached her one day asking if maybe she could feature one of my site on her blog and she happily agreed. Such a nice person, she is.

Anyway, if you want to know more about here, I suggest you check out her personal blog at, with ‘ako’. If you go straight to the domain, you’ll be taken to her Wedding blog. The more personal one is with the ‘Ako’.

“Ako” is a Filipino word which means “I” or “me.” Yes, this blog is about me and my everyday adventures. I’m a Filipina living in Oz, and just married to my gorgeous Prince Charming. I am interested in so many things, including arts, music, literature, etc., etc. I am the mastermind of Mareeyah’s Blogs. But when I’m not writing in the tone of Mareeyah, I’m just being the ordinary me as Marikoy.

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