Good Day Sunshine! This is my Day!

Welcome to my blog! My newest blog! This is Good Morning Sunshine!

And for our first post, this is perfect! It’s Good day Sunshine being played to wake up the crew of the Atlantis space shuttle.

NASA played Good Day Sunshine to wake up the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis on day 8 of its mission to the International Space Station. Paul also recorded a special message for the crew…

Paul McCartney and Beatles favorite “Good Day Sunshine” greet the Atlantis crew of Chris Ferguson, Doug Hurley, Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim first thing on Flight Day 8. Sir Paul and the Beatles’ music have awakened a dozen past shuttle crews. “Good Day Sunshine” was played for two Discovery crews of STS-121 and STS-128. On learning the popular Beatles song was used to rouse the shuttle crew of STS-121, McCartney treated the Expedition 12 crew aboard the International Space Station with a live

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