Cleaning Brass Musical Instruments at Home

When musical instruments sound raucous rather than melodious, it may be time to brush the brass.

trumpetWind instruments such as trombones, sax, trumpet, tuba and French horn are usually made of brass — a metal that had been the product of combined copper and zinc. The varied proportions of these two materials may give assorted types of brass specific for the production of music instruments.

Brass is prone to tarnishing and rust when not properly maintained and instrumentalist often decide to put lacquer on their priced musical tools. But no matter how much lacquering is applied on the instruments, brass instruments would still accumulate dirt, dust and grease which therefore calls for regular cleaning.

The cleaning routine for maintaining the luster and performance of brass musical instruments should be done at least once a month. Cleaning brass musical instruments are not only for sanitary purposes (as the tools are played through the mouth piece) but also for the removal of any debris that disrupt the sounds produced.

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