4 Things I Learned In Buying High PR Domain

Getting high ranking on the search engines, specially Google, means posting quality unique content and optimizing that page for the keywords you are targeting.

This month, November 2011, I won a bidding for a PR5 domain in GoDaddy. I was ecstatic to win but apparently there was a reason why nobody else bid on that domain. I got it for AU$ 12 by the way.

This was the first time I ever bought an expired domain although I learned about it in one of the courses I bought that also taught different ways of getting backlinks (Matt Carter’s Rapid Profit Formula).

I have no plans of putting up my own high PR blog network (not yet anyways). What I will be doing (and have done) with this PR5 domain is to submit it to Authority Link Network. Submitting a PR5 blog will give me 6 credit points which will allow me to submit 6 articles each day with 3 backlinks each. It’s free to join and there is an option to upgrade. (More of that in future posts).

Anyway, here are some points I discovered and learned during that bidding and buying high PR domain process:

  • You pay for the expired domain and the annual registration
  • It takes over a week to use the domain
  • Website services to search for expiring domains
  • CHECK For FAKE PR! :(

Double Pay

Just so that you are aware, if you won a bidding for any domain, you must be aware that you will be paying for both the “auction fee” which is the amount stated during the auction and the renewal fee.

So, the total amount you pay will not just be the one in the Auction site (I’m taking about Godaddy here, but there are other sites that offer to sell expired High PR domains and Im not sure yet if the process are the same)

Here’s what I am talking about, see image below:

tips on buying High PR domains

The first one, which is $11.07 is the amount you pay for winning the auction, ie, the expired domain purchase. Then the $19.99 is the Domain name renewal for 1 year (it is an expired domain anyway).

So, overall, in this example you pay $31.06 for the whole process.

Wait One Week… or 12 Days

After you’ve made the payment, you will not be able to setup the domain on your IP address or DNS names or whatever your prepared way of setting up your site is.

In my case, after paying, the site said that I have to way 12 days (?) before the domain is fully transferred. You have to know also that anytime during those days, if the original owner decided to renew his domain, they can. Yeah, that’s the way it go. You will get a refund from GoDaddy though.

In my case, such thing did not happen and I now have that PR5 domain in ALN.

Sites/Services Offering Expired Domains For Sale

Well, not all are offering to buy but all of them will provide you information on the available domains to purchase.

Here are some websites that gives you

Digital Point Forum
Domain Samurai + Domain Face

 Check for Fake PR

I discovered this late so I am giving this very important tip for you. Actually I know about this but I just forgot to check.

Here’s a few things to do to check if the PR is genuine.

  • use ‘info:’ search option in Google
  • use ‘site:’ option in Google

If the domain really has that PR, it will have pages and it will show the real domain extension and not just a redirect. That is what happen in my case. I bought a .net with an apparent PR5, but it really is just a PR passing thing from the .com.

You can also check whois data for the domain if there are ‘drops’ and you might as well check the real age of that domain.

Hope these bits of info helps someone.



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