Building Backlinks with Wiki Sites

backlink sourceHere’s a quick tip for you today if you are looking for additional source of backlinks for your site. We all know that link diversity is important in off page SEO and having links to wiki sites are great additions to our link portfolio.. and those wordings stuff.

I am assuming that you already know what SEO Quake is and you already installed it in your firefox/Chrome internet browser. If now, please search about it on Google or in this blog (soon, I’ll post about it here too).

So, anyway, one way of finding great, high PR Wikis to drop your links is by searching for this phrase “This page was last modified on”.

The output in the search engine will list down hundreds of thousands of results. You can then use Google advance search and SEO Quake to hand pick those that have high PR pages. You can then edit the wiki page and put your link (in relevant pages.. do not spam, ayt?)

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