BBCode or HTML Code For Backlinkng

I am currently doing some blog commenting on some of  my blog and website and I have been doing this bbcode and html backlink codes for a while now and I said to myself, ‘ I bet not everybody knows how to do bbcode backlinking’, or at least the newbie ones.

So, I decided to put up a quick post here to show the difference between an html code backlink versus a bbcode link.

HTML vs BBcode

How do you create an html-type or bbcode-type of link for your backlink? Well, I am glad you asked, :)

Here’s how:

BBcode is surrounded by a bracket ‘[ ]’ as oppose to HTML which uses the greater than ‘>’ and less than ‘<‘ symbol.

What’s the syntax? Well, I am glad you asked (you didn’t? well, I am going to tell you anyways):


[URL=]Anchor Text[/URL]

<a href=””>Anchor Text</a>

Nifty eh?

How To Know When To Use BBcode or HTML When Dropping Links?

I’m really not sure I worded that one correctly but I sure hope you know what I mean.

Check out this screenshot:

(coming soon)

I’m sure you would want the information about these bbcode and html, but we’ll continue that one ok?

Here’s what I’ll do, if you follow this blog, I will be posting a completely auto approved, with PR page where you can drop your own link. I know that these are not spammed and auto approved because I dropped my links to them first before I shared em with you.

So, without further ado, here is the link.


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